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Blinderhund Ranch 

Meet Ginger

Ginger 1.jpg

Ginger 2007-2024

Our beloved and blind miniature dachshund for which our "Blind Dog" bee ranch gets its name. 

Ginger's goals in life were to obtain as many belly rubs as possible, while napping and binge-watching tv was a close second job. Occasionally she would venture outside to sunbathe, but our chickens sometimes made her nervous.

We are a family of five- our three girls are off on their own- a nurse, paralegal and auto mechanic. Moving to Bastrop marks a return to Texas for Chris, who spent his childhood in central and west Texas. With many of Jennifer's extended family living in the surrounding Austin area, Texas was calling, and it just made sense to make the move.


We looked at many different areas of Texas and we always felt God was leading us back to Bastrop when we would visit.  So with a dream of keeping bees and raising chickens, and providing ethically raised food, Blinderhund Ranch began September 2017.



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