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Bee Relocation

Alexandra S. - Bastrop, TX

"One afternoon, someone rang my doorbell to tell me that I had a "huge bees nest" in my Magnolia tree. I didn't know anything about bee nests or swarms, so I didn't know what I was looking at or what the bees were doing, but I went outside, and sure enough, there was a huge bundle of bees hanging in my tree. I immediately called a bee-keeping friend and sent him a picture of what I soon learned was a swarm. 


He contacted Chris, who then immediately contacted me. When Chris learned that the bees had been in the tree for several days during a period of very cold weather, he decided to immediately take action and come and collect the bees. Chris impressed me with his calm demeanor and knowledge about bees. He showed up promptly after our phone conversation with a small hive. He trimmed the branch that the bees were hanging on and gently set the swarm into the hive. We waited for the bees to calm down, and during that time, Chris gave me a crash course on swarms. I enjoyed our conversation immensely. Once the bees calmed down a bit and the banana smell had subsided, (i learned that bees give off a banana like sent when they are upset,) Chris gave them some sugar water to revive them and patiently waited until the majority of the bees were in the hive. He even went as far as gently putting the stragglers, who were clustered on his truck, with the use of a note card, into the hive. 


Chris was so kind, patient, and thoughtful.  You can tell that he really cares about what he does. 


Thanks for helping out my Magnolia swarm!!! "

Paul S. -Colovista Golf Club - Bastrop, TX

"Hats off to a quick rescue of our honeybees by! Upon removal of one of the old oak stumps, we came across a hive. Chris and his wife were quick to the rescue! He found the queen, we watched a baby get born, and they took the colony for employment in their honey company. Be sure to save the bees if you ever find a hive."

Mike P. - Bastrop, TX

"Our bees have a new home at Blinderhund Ranch, Bastrop!

Big thanks to Chris and Jennifer for their help and knowledge."

Julie H. - Austin, TX

"We discovered a large hive while having an old tree removed from our front yard.  I found Chris and Jennifer on the Texas Apiary Inspection Service directory. They were able to come out quickly to assess, make a plan, coordinate with the tree service, and safely relocate the bees.  They are professional and genuinely nice people!"

JulieH Capture.JPG


Brandon M. - Bastrop, TX

"Y'alls coffee is crazy good"

James & Michelle B. - Bastrop, TX

"My family has enjoyed the honey,  lip balm and coffee beans that Chris & Jen have produced on their farm. The honey is just simply delicious! The lip balms are smooth and silky. The coffee is robust but not bitter"

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