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Honey Bee Relocation


Blinderhund Ranch apiary carries the necessary permits required by the state of TX to move bees within Bastrop, Hayes, Travis, Caldwell, Fayette, Lee, & Williamson counties. Please see below.

If you have a swarm or feral colony that needs to be relocated please contact us immediately.




We never want to see bees fall victim to an unscrupulous exterminator or a homeowner with a can of insecticide. 

All bees are relocated to a new managed hive within Bastrop county. 

Swarm Removals

To help offset the associated cost of time, fuel, required materials, and post capture care of the bees we charge a $100 flat rate for swarm captures.

Cutouts and Extractions

Established colony removals/extractions require more time, equipment, skill, and definitely more patience, as bees can establish themselves within trees, water boxes, walls, stone columns etc.  Because every feral bee colony is unique, please contact us. we are happy to discuss and assess each extraction and provide a competitive quote for removal


The Legal Stuff

Blinderhund Ranch Apiary has registered with the Texas Apiary Inspection Service as required by Texas Agriculture Code, Section 131.045, and have obtained a permit that allows Blinderhund Ranch to transport bees between counties as required by Texas Agriculture Code, Section 131.043.  Beekeepers registered with the Texas Apiary Inspection Service are excluded from complying with the Texas Structural Pest Control Act pursuant to Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 1951, Structural Pest Control, Section 1951.056.  (See:

Listed by Texas A&M as Christopher & Jennifer Huegel by county as permitted

Texas Apiary Inspection Service - Texas A&M Agrilife Research / Bee Removal

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