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Honey Bee Relocation


At this time we are not able to relocate or remove bees.


Please visit Texas A&M site for permitted to remove bees:

If you see a swarm of bees in a tree, on a fence or anywhere for that matter, chances are the swarm is 'resting" while on their way to a new home.


Most often the swarm of bees will just fly away within hours of arriving. 

A swarm of bees typically are not a threat - if the swarm is left alone!


Do not spray them with anything. They typically will not bother you if you don't bother them!

If you see bees coming and going from a enclosed space, contact a bee remover. 

if the space is sealed off or bees are sprayed, and the WAX/honey is NOT removed completely, other bees will come back!

Make sure a beekeeper is removing ALL of the hive contents and not just the bees!


Here is a useful link to "bee proofing" your home and general bee safety:

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