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True Green Whiting Laying Hens- $28 each​

  • Lay Medium to Large light green to olive-green egg

  • Hens vary in color

  • Small to medium bird-

    • not recommended for meat-best for laying

  • Lay approx. 300 eggs a year

  • Tolerate heat well

  • Free-range very well

  • Not skittish as Americaunas are

  • great for a family/backyard set up

  • Very curious and love to follow those who feed them!

  • Unlikely to become broody

Cream Leg Bar Laying Hens- $30 each​

  • Check back in 2023

  • Unique breed

  • Lay medium light blue or light green tint egg

  • Crest on top of head

  • Small to medium bird-

    • not recommended for meat-best for laying

  • Very curious and personable

  • Free-range well

  • Heat tolerant

  • Unlikely to become broody​

Non-Breed Specific Laying Hens $10-15 each

  • 1-year-old + laying hens

  • No specific breed

  • Still great as a family pet who wants a hen who are not producing as many eggs​​

  • Egg sizes and color vary-pink, white/cream, blue


All chicks are hand raised

We have only fed our hens, non-GMO organic feed and organic scraps from the garden

Cash or Credit Card (+3.5%)- no Venmo

Need 24 hours notice for pick up

TGW2 (2).jpg

We will hatch them for you!

$2.50 per egg/minimum 12 eggs-paid in advance

$1.50 back on each nonviable/non hatching egg

Pick up in 2-3 days after hatching

you will get a mixed breed/straight run

True Green Whiting pure breeds will be in selection (no guarantee on sex)

Please contact:

512 436-2746

to place a hatching order

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